The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia
The Future of Cryptocurrency
March 25 Workshop, 9:00 AM

The Cryptocurrency Standards Association in partnership
with LaGuardia Community College presents a provoking
half-day workshop. Gain expert insight. Get up to date on
the latest developments. Share insight with experts and
entrepreneurs. It’s an academic workshop in Queens NY.

The College

LaGuardia Community College hosts over 48,000 students from more than 150 countries each year. Adult and continuing education programs are strong with 70% of students enrolled in business and professional programs.

Our mission is to educate and graduate the most diverse student population in the country—to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens, helping to shape a rapidly evolving society. 


The Cryptocurrency Standards Association member-driven community brings safety and security to new age currency.

Advocating a voluntary, but verifiable layer of safety protocols, compliant parties and transactions will enjoy the same privileges and protections associated with a credit card, check or other bank-brokered transaction. Bitcoin needn’t be just for geeks, charlatans or the very brave. CRYPSA makes Bitcoin safe for the rest of us.
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The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Register soon:

Feature Presentations

Scroll down for workshop agenda. Presenters have credentials and background that cover the gamut:

•  Blockchain Evolution        •  Privacy 
•  Legislative Climate •  Social & Political Change
•  Mining •  Banking & Commerce
•  Criminal Activity •  Other


          LaGuardia Community College
          31-10 Thomson Ave , Building M 
          Poolside Café 
          Long Island City, NY 11101

9 AM: Philip Raymond, Bitcoin Adoption: A Series of Events
Philip Raymond      Philip is CEO of CRYPSA, founder of Vanquish Labs and co-chair for The Bitcoin Event.

As workshop host, he maps bitcoin into Aristotle’s traits of a functional currency and sets forth a vision of market adoption as a series of domino events.

  11:45, Andrew Filipowski, Silk Road Equity
Andrew Filipowski      Andrew Filipowski is executive chairman of Silk Road Equity. A software pioneer in the days before Microsoft, Andrew managed Culinet. He founded a dozen spin offs and high tech ventures, including DBMS, SolidSpace, House of Blues and InterAct 911. One of his ventures, Platinum Technologies, was sold to Computer Associates for $3.5 billion US dollars.

Details on Andrew’s presentation will be added soon.

9:15 AM, Andreas M. Antonopoulos » Keynote «
Twitter @aantonop

Andreas M. Antonopoulos      More than anyone else, Andreas is the face of Bitcoin.

He has founded businesses and launched community open-source projects, advised governments and crypto-currency companies. He is instantly recognized and widely published. Andreas is host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and a frequent speaker at technology and security conferences worldwide.

Fresh from the MIT Bitcoin conference, Andreas will Skype into The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia and take questions from the audience.

  12:30 PM, Aidan Doyle, Coining It! — Banking & Commerce
Aidan Doyle      Aidan is CEO of Bellwether Capital Management.

New York was the first US region to issue regulatory proposals for cryptocurrency (a “bit license)”. Aidan gave the first ever trading seminar at The Bitcoin Center. That presentation is becoming a staple of broadcast media...

Are you interested in trading digital currencies? Governments treat personal p2p transactions very differently than ATM or 3rd party assisted trades! Aidan will expand on his popular presentation and take questions from the audience.

10:15 AM, Gitai Zakh, Bitcoin EmBassy, Tel-Aviv 
Gitai Zach      Our plenary speaker is cofounder and managing partner of Israel’s Bitcoin emBassy. He is an attorney and board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association with a keen interest in blockchain based investments.

Gitai is in the air— literally! If his flight lands during the workshop, he will Skype and take questions from the audience.

  1:15 PM, Alex Palantzas, Different approach to Decentralization
Alex Palantzas      Alex is Business Developer of the Bitcoin Center in New York, the nexus of cryptocurrency intellect and capital.

The Austrian School of Economics offers a different approach to decentralization. Bitcoin is a wonderful technology but the decentralized nature of language and currency is an ancient component of civilization. Bitcoin and the rest of the decentralized, capped crypto-currencies can be a great option to those who have a low time preference.

11 AM, Steven Sprague, Building 100 Million Hardware Wallets 
Steven Sprague        Steven Sprague is CEO of Rivetz Corp. He served as president and CEO of Wave Systems for 14 years. Steven is a leading voice in trusted computing. He brings a passion and expertise in cyber security to the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin provides the opportunity to enable state-of-the-art hardware security for mobile e-commerce. Steven will outline the key ingredients in modern chipsets today.
  2:00 PM, Manuel Perez, Digital Currency; A Global Vision
Manuel Perez      Manuel Perez is founder of the Cryptocurrency Standards Association and co-chair of The Bitcoin Event.

In closing the workshop, he will lay out a global vision for cryptocurrency.

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